If you're an avid learner, explorer, an adventurer looking for growth and transformation.

If you're a believer in constant evolution and change for growth.

If you prefer the unorthodox way and are always up for something new.

If you believe healing yourself, heals the world.

If you long to bring beauty and creativity into the world.

Congrats! You're home.


I'm jazzed you're here! I'm here because I want to share what life and others have taught me.  I want to give back.

I'm all about healing, growth, & wisdom. And having fun with it! 

You can grow and still laugh.

You can heal and still laugh.

Whether I am writing blogs or books, speaking to trauma survivors; teaching embodiment classes; facilitating healing workshops; coaching one on one; or creating opportunities for creativity and art, my purpose is the same: to share wisdom, facilitate healing, and provide you tools for your own empowerment.

My purpose is about YOU. And us, as a collective.  To reach our full potentials and live EXPANSIVELY!

But you're probably curious about MY STORY and how I ended up HERE.

MY STORY has changed.  I changed it.  I believe one of the most empowered things an individual can do, is be the AUTHOR of THEIR own STORY.

I don't tell a story of victim-hood, of being or coming from nothing and then ARRIVING.  NO.  I don't think we ever ARRIVE.  I think we are on a constant WALKABOUT (a ritual journey the Australian Aborigine hold sacred). 

I have experienced LIFE.  It's beauty & horror.  It's pain & love.

My experiences, the country I was born in, the way I look, have created MY PERSONAL TRUTH and my UNIQUENESS.

Unique, yet just like you.


Many of the same experiences happen to all of us.  We see them differently based on our personal histories.


Instead of seeing all the differences, what happens when we empathize and connect?

We Are

the Same.