Stress-Reducing Tools for the Holidays

During the holidays, I usually experience feeling busy, overwhelmed, and scatter-brained. If you can relate to any of these feelings, keep reading, I have a secret to share.

Movement. Yep, simple. Also, free!!! And free during the holidays is pure gold.

I teach Qoya, a movement practice based on the idea each one of us has all of the tools we need, to feel at home in our bodies.

Getting out of the head and into the body to truly feel, works wonders. Some of my favorite movements from Qoya,

are shaking, intentional breathing, and circling. When I take time to notice my breath, I become aware, in the moment. From there I can start to notice in my body where I feel tension.

When I have a large to do list on my mind, I feel it in my shoulders. Noticing this, helps me stop and ask myself, "What can I do, right now, to feel relief?"

For me, circling each part of my body helps remind me, this is changeable. Life is evolving and if I am not feeling the way I want, I can take steps to change it.

So, for this holiday season, try adding some movement breaks to get from the mind to the body, to feel, and to notice. To notice, you.

For some Circling Songs, check out my Spotify playlist: Erdward82.

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