Thanks & Giving


Thanks & Giving. These two concepts are transformative in healing and empowerment.

Many indigenous cultures believe in cyclical living, in giving thanks and generous love, through birth and death. In the season of fall, it is a time of release and letting go.

During this cycle of release, are there things in your life, which are no longer serving you in your highest good? Perhaps its a limiting belief, a thought which is dis-empowering.

How can you even tell? The next time you say something you catch yourself saying often, try taking a moment to breathe, to notice how the words feel when you say them.

An example I noticed recently, was me often saying, "I know it sounds weird, but..." The first step was me noticing how often I said it and when. Usually when sharing my personal truth and experiences.

Next, as I said it, I noticed how my body moved. For me, as soon as I say the word weird, my body, physically goes from open and straight, to closed and shrinking inward.

Noticing how my body was physically weakening, I realized this was a dis-empowering thought for me. One ready to be released in this cycle of letting go.

As I work through releasing this belief, this habit, I think of a new word, which feels true and allows my body to expand, rather than shrink.


Creative & And

These are my new words. They feel true and my body and breath lighten, when I say them.

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