Travel in Luxury: Feel Luxurious, Peaceful & Cozy through Holiday Travel

During the holidays most of us travel to visit family and friends, or just to escape the madness and replenish.

Whatever your plans may be, below, I share my tools and techniques to always feel luxurious, peaceful, and cozy no matter what my external circumstances may be.

My biggest tool is my own inner power, truth, and innate trust in myself. I developed these through meditation, movement. And learning, recognizing, and honoring my intuition.

Meditation for me, is not sitting in crisscross applesauce position, with my hands on my knees. Nope, for me it's movement. When I turn on a song and drop out of my head and into my body. I let the beat move my body how it wants to move. It's not about how it looks, it's about how it feels.

Through this, I begin to recognize where in my body I feel stress, tension, anger, joy, love, peace, etc. Following the wisdom of my body, I honor those feelings by practicing doing things, which make me feel luxurious.

For me, I feel luxurious in my heart space. When I inhale, thinking of all the things I can list to be grateful. My heart literally expands as I inhale, giving the feeling of more. More love, more luxury, more abundance.

As I exhale, the external, which might have originally had my focus, is released, along with whatever stress, or discomfort I was feeling in my body.

I believe everything we desire can be achieved internally. Through our own wisdom, found in ourselves, when we truly begin to get out of our heads, and into our bodies.

So, if you're feeling frustrated, annoyed, impatient, or anything else, which isn't what you want to feel, take a moment to meditate in a way that feels right for your body. The best place to start is with the breath, then as you breathe, allowing your body to guide you through the rest of the meditation.

And the next time you're waiting in a line, stop worrying about what it looks like, raise your arms, inhale, and exhale arms going back down. Just keep doing it, until you feel the luxury or peace you're looking for.

The next travel de-stress move I'll share on the blog, Shaking.

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