Good Changes Still Bring Grief

When change is a choice, our initial feelings are usually joyous and positive. We feel good in the newness of it, the excitement of what is to come mixed in with our hopes and expectations of dreams being fulfilled.

So, why do we have such opposite feelings when change isn't our choice? When it comes barreling through without any notice? Even if, deep down, if we really thought about it, we would have wanted the same change?

Vision. Without vision, people perish. At least, emotionally.

To transform one's life and prepare for true, lifelong change, at first a vision must be held for the transformation. The expectation.

If one doesn't hold the expectation, one cannot build a foundation strong enough to weather the severest storms. Fear & Doubt, the very worst of them will knock away the vision of change you worked so hard to create.

If you want change to stick, if you want to be able to navigate it's twisty, turny-feelies, then when you build it, build knowing those feelings are likely to show up. Build so when they do show up, you can confront them, learn from them, and use it to make the change stronger.

And when change barrels through without notice, take time to breathe into it. And with each breath, see a new vision. Maybe it wasn't one you ever thought to hold, and maybe you want nothing to do with it, but what if....

And with each breath, "What if..."

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