Rhino Wisdom: Overcome Obstacles

Wisdom can come from anything, anyone, or any animal. I love studying animals, the way they communicate, their strengths, weaknesses, and how they compensate for those weaknesses.

Take the rhino. When you see this image and hear the word Rhino. What is your first thought? Feeling? What did you notice first, without much or any thought?

After this initial impression, try embodying the rhino. Yea, like when you were a kid and played pretend. Pretend you're a rhino. How do you feel now? What do you notice in your body? Are there certain movements you are doing, an area that feels stronger/weaker?

For me, my first words, protective and graceful. When I acted like my idea of a rhino, I noticed my head down, wanting to find food, using my horn to get through brush, or claim space.

I also noticed, I didn't stop to look to the left or right, I never lost focus of my intention to gather food. Plus, I couldn't even see that well to stop and be distracted.

I also noticed, getting tired and wanting to roll around. Cool off and relax.


My big takeaways, a need to feel protected (clear boundaries), being graceful with my boundaries, focus (determination to complete a task), and the need to relax and play more.


This can be done for any animal, catching your attention. It's animal medicine. A way to heal oneself through the wisdom animals provide. For me, at this moment the rhino appeared through one of the oracle decks I use for Qoya.

However an animal may show up for you, take a moment to stop and notice. What were you doing when you noticed the animal, how were you feeling?

This is the beginning of unlocking beautiful, ancient wisdom animals can give us.

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