Why I Want to LIVE in Stars Hollow

Do you ever dream of living in a place like Disney? A real life, day-to-day version of enchantment and magic?

I do. I want to live in a place where I can experience everything through all of my senses. I think Disney, Universal Studios, and movie sets appeal to us because of their sense of community.

When you're in Harry Potter world, and you see all of these quirky buildings, magic entryways, and outlandish colors, you're dazzled.

So why can't we be dazzled all of the time?

I want community developers to raise the bar. To imagine and create day to day wonder. I would love being out in my neighborhood, walking everywhere on cobbled streets, hiding in secret alcoves, and going to the post office that looks like a giant envelope.

So what's stopping us?

Why not design our lives in fantasy and fun, make themed communities, create sensory enhancing events, bring Stars Hollow into reality.

I think by developing and creating communities with intention, purpose, love, fun, and highlighting sensory experience, we could connect ourselves in a new and deeper way. We'd want to be out interacting with our neighbors more, exploring, and being inspired.

Any investor takers?

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