Hummingbird & Animal Medicine

I created a logo for my Facebook page with a Hummingbird. I was introduced to animal medicine when I worked on a horse riding ranch affiliated with the YMCA in Granby, Colorado.

I feel the entire experience happened just to meet this one girl who told me about hummingbird medicine. It resonated with me so much, I bought a hummingbird necklace and started researching hummingbirds.

In animal medicine the idea is to connect with the animal and see what, if anything, resonates with you in understanding another part of yourself.

When I looked into hummingbirds I learned:

-They have the highest metabolism for warm blooded mammals.

-They are the only bird, which can fly backwards & hover

-They weigh the same as a nickel or less

-They have to consume their weight in food every day to stay alive

-They travel from Canada to Brazil and are only found in the Western Hemisphere

-They are very territorial and have been known to chase Hawks away

When I connected with this animal the first time, the thing which stood out to me, it's ability to fly backwards. I thought, it's okay if I seem to go backward in my healing, the point is, I'm still flying. Also, the ranch job was NOT for me. So, I was literally "going backward," to my home.

Now, writing this post, I connect on another level. The metabolism side. I love my body, but right now I don't like the way it looks or feels. (You can still love something & not like it at the same time - Think of every relationship EVER)!

So, how can I adapt the lessons of hummingbird's metabolism to my own life? This is my new relationship with Hummingbird and I'm excited to explore it!

And this is the basic idea of animal medicine.

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