Woman, Arise!

Today I attended the As Told By Us Women's Conference created by Steph from Trendy In Indy.

This was a big move for me because my business is all about healing and confronting our shadows.

From most of their social media posts and brands, I made the assumption and wrote a story in my head about why I wouldn't fit in.

1. I'm larger than 90% of them.

2. I have crazy hair, not the long, tenderly curled locks most of them have.

3. I have 763 followers on Instagram and they're talking about more k's.

4. My clothes are from Meijer and they're jamming boutique looks.

The list could go on.

And on and on....

The reality, none of it matters. Whatever story I created was based off of my own insecurities and fears. All of it may be true and look true, but it's about how I feel inside.

Do I believe I am meant to be there?


Do I believe I am made for more?


Sure, maybe I didn't fit in on outside biases, but I know I am a #Rockstar and I rocked it.

The awesome bits I took away:

- Know the game and how it's played with social media.

- Get my Brand down to a niche and be clear about it.

- I have the tools and skills to succeed.

- I have experience.

- I am not afraid of success or failure.

- I am going to get wiser, not work harder.

- Dance breaks are the greatest

Things I wasn't a huge fan of:

- Alcohol so early (I'm not on board with our culture's #BrunchandMimosa life).

- Boutiques with "Curvy" sizes, but not curvier than a 16. (This is way bigger than this conference, so not really a judgement against it).

- The huge plastic containers lunch came in (Ay ya ya! Can we stop with the plastic already!)

Would I do it again?


Would I recommend it?


I'm ready. My time is now. God, show me my next step. #prayerthug

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