FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) How to See It and Learn from it

Fear is a legit motivator in nearly everything we do. We can let it rule us, or we can find ways to reconstruct the story so it works for us.

My FOMO arises when I scroll through social media, read, watch, and listen to other people's stories, start comparing, and go to "lack mindset," or "limited thinking."

I say, "Well, they did it, so I can't, or there isn't enough space for me." LIE!!!

It is a scientific fact the universe is always expanding, changing, and evolving. So, if the actual environment can constantly make room for new, than why can't the creations living in it?

You see, the marketing agencies, corporations, and other agency structures want you to live in the fear of not enough.

That's how they sell so much bread and milk when the weather channel predicts a storm of epic proportions. It's why hoarders keep everything as a, "Well, what if..."

STOP believing these lies. It is easy to say, but to put it into practice is something entirely different.

Start by becoming aware. Looking at the why behind the what. When you're scrolling social media and watching t.v., start paying attention to what the ads are saying.

Are they trying to manipulate you through fears? If so, what is the reaction you feel in your body when you notice something you think you need, or you think you should be doing?

Try staying with the feeling without action. Notice, check your breath, do a body scan. Where are you feeling it? Can you put this into words? Is this a familiar feeling? Is it true?

To get your power back and stop living in fear, own your feelings. Use your God given sanctuary to speak your truth.

Your body, your gift, your power.

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