Embracing the Shadow

Have you ever heard of the expression, "shadow self?"

I teach a movement practice, known as Qoya, which is Quechuan for Queen.

In Qoya we connect with our physicality through movement. One way we explore our inner shadows, is a dance called Shadow/Contrast.

Each class has a theme. For example, one theme might be Trust. We begin class by asking, what does it feel like in our bodies, when we trust. Then we explore the sensations through movement.

The contrast dance is, What does it feel like in our body we we don't trust?

We move to music to explore this contrast or shadow part of ourselves. To explore and bring to light the things, which make us whole, but what we might not yet be aware of.

Embracing this hidden, shadow aspect of myself without judgement or expectations has been one of the biggest catalysts for my change and growth. I have felt so much more confident because I trust myself and know myself more than I ever have before.

If you're looking for a way to get out of your head and into your body, to just feel who you are, Qoya is a fabulous way to do that.

My class dates for September:

9/13/19 - Saturday, at the Divine Feminine Retreat

My class dates for October:

10/14/19 - Monday, 6 p.m. at Still Waters Adult Day Center

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