Aligning Faith with Science: Living in Duality.

Today I pulled the animal medicine card, Owl Spirit. Owls usually represent a sense of vision, or change in perception. Well, my perception of storytelling and its effects have forever been altered after reading The Alphabet verses the Goddess by Leonard Schlain.

I read, “In the Old Testament, guilt enters by way of a bite from fruit.”

Previously he has made the argument of our evolutionary traits through needs as we became more aware and bipedal. One awareness he mentions, is the connection of sex, birth, and death. How animals don’t feel anxious about impending death, because they are not aware of this timeline, of the, what next perception.

Once we became aware of our impending non-existence, so to the need to ensure our lifeline by way of birth. Letting go of this idea and coming back to the implications of how I have always interpreted this Bible story, is what has me reeling for a sense of equilibrium.

This “sin,” hasn’t been about a sin of disobedience at all.

It was about a need to explain away the feeling of guilt from having eaten something alive, to live. To kill another being, to be able to continue in life.

This basic feeling and need to understand it was given a story most cultures around the world share in some form or another. It wasn’t about disobeying an all-fearing God, it was about finding a way to voice the feeling of guilt, for taking another life for one’s own.

Once the awareness of guilt arrived, so too, the need for appeasement, or to give an offering for having taken life. It grew from a small story of honoring the hunt by using all parts of the animal, to the elaborate creation of a divine form bearing all appeasement in one fell swoop. Instead of old testament blood offerings, came new testament, Jesus.

Understanding this sacred story this way, brings me a peace and an ability to reconfigure my faith to the awareness of life I now I have. It brings me to a closeness of connection with faith, evolution, cycles, and the need I have to give a voice to what I feel.

It helps me claim the sense of guilt without being overwhelmed by it. It allows me the opportunity to feel guilty and make a choice in whether or not I will continue in guilt, or recognize if my need for survival outweighs my need to feel guilty.

It allows me to live with inner authority and faithfulness to a greater connection, to a world beyond the physical.

To see the same words in a new light, is to be transformed.

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