Season of Rest

I think it very likely, the vast majority of people living in the western world, would describe the holidays as the antithesis of rest.

We rush through our already busy and over scheduled lives, to try and make time for gathering with loved ones. We pressure ourselves for these gatherings to be the most beautiful, most creative, and photogenic.


Why wait for an entire year to spend time gathering with loved ones in celebration?

Granted, some of it can be because we have moved away from one another and it is the only time we have to rejoin. Even so, why do we find ourselves feeling rushed through this time?

I think it really has to do with consumerism and marketing. The way the commercials, movies, ads, stores, push us from one experience to another, without any space to breathe in between.

The faster we switch from one to the next, the less time we have to sit, to rest, and to just be with our sacred selves.

It is in this beautiful place of quiet and rest, where we can no longer hide. We are made aware of our most inner workings. To be in this place of rest can feel so alarming and almost anxiety ridden, if we haven't been here before.

I am on a personal quest to make space for rest. To take time from all of the noise, to sit with myself in the quietest of places. Here, I can search my heart, my soul, to know myself.

It is only in knowing myself, I can discover spaces for growth. This is why I will never allow myself to be the person declaring how busy I am.

I am peaceful and content in this decision. If you are someone who takes time to read my meanderings, I challenge you to set 10 minutes each day for nothing but quiet soul searching.

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