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2020: My Year of the Micro Trip

Most people wrote their new year resolutions and goals, way back in late December. I'm an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Rising, Leo Moon. ( I became obsessed with astrology in 2019). I don't live like everybody else. There is definitely a rebel in me, and the need to be the one doing something on my own terms, and in my own timing.

So, now I share my big 2020 vision. MICRO TRAVEL! What is my version of micro travel, you ask?

Well, let me share.

Micro travel to me, is seeing places I have always wanted to see, in 2 or 3 days, on a small scale budget, and easy to plan and manage. I have some big financial goals this year, so the travel budget is less, and yet travel is my mental health medicine. It reminds me the world is ever changing, ever evolving, and I can rejoice in that change.

I saved last year, waited until Cyber Monday, searched for the cheapest flights to places I wanted to see, and booked 4 micro trips in one day.

I use Google flights for my searches, bought one way tickets, and chose the lowest costing flights.

This year, I managed to snag a $147 round trip ticket on Frontier, from IND to SFO, which is why I decided to make my dream of seeing Yosemite become reality.

After, I had the ticket, I searched car rentals. On Cyber Monday in 2019, Hertz was offering 50% off rentals if you paid at that time. So, I have a SUV rental for $231, for 5 days, leaving from the SFO airport!

I then searched for a place to stay and ended up going with AirBnB for a beautiful private room, staying in the heart of the park. This was the biggest cost of the trip, at $317. The only problem I have with AirBnB is the cost advertised, is never near the cost paid. The add on fees are ridiculous.

I am getting so excited for this trip and can't wait to share my experience and total cost. This will be my first Big-Micro trip of the year.