Flying Budget? Tips for packing a No-Cost Carry-On

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

If you're like me and you hate paying extra for carry-on luggage, try these packing tips to avoid extra fees.

Finding the Perfect Sized Carry-On Case

The best kind of no cost carry-on travel case, is a backpack. They are easy, light weight, and almost always meet the personal item requirement on airlines like Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant. The best ones are full of pockets, offer some structure and padding for electronics, and are adjustable. If you get one with wheels, remember it takes away packing space and ease of loading and unloading.

Packing your Lightweight Backpack

Choosing clothing with a variety of functions, which are light weight and easy to clean, is ideal. If you are going somewhere cold, try wearing your layers through security and boarding, making a restroom stop, and using a small reusable bag for the excess layers, once you're boarded. Always pack an empty reusable bag that can fold. This way, if you need to remove items for easy access they can be transferred in flight.

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