Qoya is an embodiment practice founded on the principles of Somatic Therapy.  We gather to dance our Wise, Wild, Free selves! Incorporating the Wisdom of Yoga, the Wildness of Dance, and the Freedom of Expression.

I found Qoya in January of 2018.  I felt a transformation the moment I began to let go of how it looked, and tap into how it felt. 

Soon I was on the path to teach.  I love it so much!  I want everyone to experience a class, which is why your first class with me is free!

I'm currently available for one-on-one sessions online via Zoom or Skype.

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"Qoya allows you to deeply connect with yourself, your body, and community.  By sharing this sacred space with other women, your dance is honored.  Your story and body are revered and reflected back to you." Sara Ballard - SacredSoul.Love

Qoya was founded by Rochelle Schieck. Find out more at Qoya.Love!

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